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In English, "Puroni Bheti" would translate to "An old foundation". Our story with this age old foundation dates back to the year 1904, when the Khongiya Barooah family first ventured into the tea industry by acquiring the property from Stewart Hall, a Scottish Tea Company from the yesteryears. Upon acquisition, an office was set up to begin the family's tryst with tea, a story which five generations down the line, still continues. This office, this old foundation, is what we call the "Puroni Bheti". Nearly 120 later, the same foundation now stands as a warm and cozy bed and breakfast in the midst of a farm and what is slowly but surely developing into a food forest.

Apart from tea, if there's one thing the family has taken seriously for generations, it has to be entertaining and hosting friends, family and guests. Much before we started a bed and breakfast, our friends would visit for lunch and leave a week later. With that kind of engrained hospitality, one can imagine how it was quite a breeze for us to start hosting people from all over the world in the year 2014 when we were asked by some travel agent friends to give their guests a window into the tea life of Assam, enabling us to extend the holiday atmosphere for ourselves while meeting and entertaining people from all walks of life over many cups of tea. Since then, we have hosted over 10000 guests from all over the world and were even given an Award for Excellence under the category of "Best Tea Tourism" for outstanding contribution to the tourism of Assam on "World Tourism Day" (2016) by the State. 

We are also a handpicked property for some of the best travel companies in the industry. Thanks to the memories, it is safe to say we now have friends we can visit as family all over the world.


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