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Garden Dining

Apart from our visitors at our guesthouse, we welcome guests to come experience al-fresco garden dining on our grounds on a pre-booked basis.

Whether you'd like to come alone and spend a few hours reading and sipping some garden fresh iced tea by the pond, or you'd like to spend the day out in nature with your friends and family (for day visits, you are welcome to get your pets along too*), we are more than happy to host you at the farm. Being a family of foodies, we curate menus based on guest requirements and seasonal produce. More than a hotel or resort, we are a home and all the food that is cooked here has a touch of home in it so unless specifically asked for, you wouldn't find our food to be too spicy or hotel-like. However, that being said, as a family of foodies living the laahe-laahe life in Assam, it's safe to say our kitchen has seen quite a bit. In terms of cuisine, though we specialise in ethnic home style meals from the region, we do offer a little bit of world food as well- Asian (thanks to all the homegrown ingredients), North Indian, Italian (try our thin crust pizzas) and Continental options are available at the farm.


We only take pre-booked meal reservations to provide you with the best curated menus according to your taste. We do not allow walk-ins as this is also our home.

We curate and share a sample menu according to the following time-slots:






Sundown/High Tea


10AM - 11PM

9AM - 11PM

07.00 AM-10.00 AM

11.30 AM-03.30 PM

04.00 PM-06.30 PM

               07.00 PM -10.30 PM


This is our home and we only take pre-booked reservations. Walk-ins will not be entertained.
We will curate and share a menu based on your slot. We do not have À la carte options.

Our time slots are fixed and must be maintained. We do not like over working our team and we would like you to respect the same. Allowing the booking of extra hours is at the discretion of the owners and is chargeable.
Littering is strictly prohibited in and around the estate.

The Garden Cafe

Being a family of foodies and nature lovers, it was but obvious that we were going to put the two together at some point. With great pleasure, we are thrilled to introduce to you our latest project- The garden cafe. We picked the greenest corner of the farm, a huge bamboo clump overlooking the fishing pond on one side and a sea of tea bushes on the other and decided to turn it into a cafe for travellers and nature lovers looking for a quick getaway (and maybe some wood fired pizza with garden fresh iced tea)

Like the sound of it? Well, we love it! Stay tuned on our social media to be a part of designing and building this dream project.

For rates and reservations, please submit the form below and we shall get in touch with you.

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