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Come live the laahe-laahe life!

Nestled in the midst of lush green tea gardens in the quality belt of Assam lies Puroni Bheti Tea and Farm Retreat.


Home to the Khongiya Barooahs of Thengal, the retreat is surrounded by hundreds of acres of tea plantations producing some of the best teas in the world. Tea aside, one can find hundreds of plants that the family has collected and grown over the years- a wide range of native trees, medicinal plants, herbs and fruits ensuring our guests (both human and wild) have some harvest to be happy and grateful about all around the year.

Family run with love, we open our hearts and doors to invite you to come slow down and experience life in an Assamese homestead.



In English, "Puroni Bheti" would translate to "An old foundation". Our story with this age old foundation dates back to the year 1904, when the Khongiya Barooah family first ventured into the tea industry by acquiring the property from Stewart Hall, a Scottish Tea Company from the yesteryears.Upon acquisition, an office was set up to begin the family's tryst with tea, a story which five generations down the line, still continues.  Nearly 120 later, the same foundation now stands as a warm and cozy bed and breakfast in the midst of a farm and what is slowly but surely developing into a food forest.

As a homestead, we are on a constant mission of adding more life to our space. We strive to provide a comfortable and memorable experience for our guests while taking stewardship of the land that we live on and creating more awareness about the local culture and environment, and our responsibility towards the same. We hope our guests find us greener and cleaner every time they come back to visit us.



Excellent stay! Perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Excellent hospitality. I would like to bring my family to spend few days in such a fantastic place. It is much better than many European destinations.

MR S. N. BARMAN (Vice-President, TATA Motors)



Slow down and smell the tea!


Immerse yourself in what is culturally engrained in the heart and soul of every Assamese no matter where they may be- “the laahe laahe life”- a slow, content and relaxed life would be our best attempt at translating it for you. Whether it be staying with us and hand-rolling your own tea, visiting us for a day in nature with your loved ones, or even tying the knot with your loved one, we do our best to help you create some of your best memories in Jorhat

We provide rooms, meals, event spaces for private events and a range of activities and experiences in and around our farm. For more details, please check the links below:







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